NOTE: This website is no longer maintained as of June 2017. Currently working on several other projects, which I hope to release in the coming year!

Welcome to The Neural Perspective! This blog is all about simplifying and democratizing deep learning concepts and applications. There will be two types of publications: tutorials and readings. The tutorials will consist of basic math and detailed implementations for specific concepts in Tensorflow (PyTorch coming soon!). The readings will be recent publications that I found interesting and I will be simplifying a lot of the theory and math and will occasionally implement a few of the papers as well.

Note: I made many of the tutorials back in 2016 but I try to refactor them and keep them up to date for newer Tensorflow/PyTorch releases. If something does not work or there is a newer efficient way of doing something, please comment on the post! PyTorch content coming soon!

Thank you for all the support, corrections, conversations and for reaching 3000+ followers 🙂



Generalization / Interpretability

Generative Adversarial Networks


One-Shot / Zero / Transfer Learning

Optimization / Architecture

Question Answering / Machine Comprehension

Recommendation Engines

Reinforcement Learning

  • Episodic Exploration for Deep Deterministic Policies: An Application to StarCraft Micromanagement Tasks [arXiv]
  • Third Person Imitation Learning [arXiv]
  • Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning in Sequential Social Dilemmas [Paper]

Representation Learning

Seq-to-Seq Models


Note: Tutorials are outdated and written for Tensorflow. New updated PyTorch tutorials with code will be available soon.